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Functioning Construction, Formations of Destruction


Functioning Construction

is about the human as apparatus. An ever-evolving species that repeatedly reconstructs towards efficiency, mimicking computers and software computations. These small family owned businesses act as a living mind map, revealing the functioning idiosyncrasy of individualized adaptation. Each tool, pen, string, and layout reveal an organic process constructed from technological shifts, and external instruments moving towards cohabitation. A reflection of the mind as instrument of orchestration achieving amodal completion via cultural influence, thought, and the tools at hand.

Formations of Destruction 

is the aesthetic subconscious of construction. There is no evolution without constraint. Many of these businesses have survived for decades, offering us artifacts from different generations that collapse in time. A living relic caught between graveyard and future, continually expanding and retracting, forming the disfigured face of the human condition. The small business as mirror, moving backwards in time and contrary to the elements of modernism. A place without QR codes, price tags, and layout maps that force human interaction. A space predicated on human agency, the small business.

The Aesthetic Formation of Triumph

The Junkyard

Tailor Shop

Mr. Kermanshah

The Cobbler